Spring into Action!

First order of FUN in the honor of Spring & one of our first Big Ideas: Climate Change. Our Big Ideas are the causes that, together, we are impacting. Currently we have three: Climate Change, Empowerment, and Education/Literacy.

With your parent or guardian’s permission & perhaps their help if you need, grab a camera or camera phone and run outside to take a picture of what you love about the outdoors; what makes you want to protect our Planet and fight against climate change. It could be a flower in the park, it could be a tree you walk by on your way to school, it could be a river or lake you fish in, or pond or stream in your backyard, it could be a vibrant colored leaf, your favorite wild animal, a rainy day. It could be a picture of your favorite outdoor activity: bike riding, hiking in the woods, birdwatching, climbing a tree, swinging at the park. There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s what is special to YOU about the outdoors and what makes you want to fight for a healthy Planet.

Email your picture to contact@bigme.co with a brief explanation of why you love what you’ve captured and we’ll feature some of our favorites in the coming weeks. Don’t have a camera? No problem! Draw what you see with a short description of why you love what you’ve drawn and mail it to:

PO Box 10071
Rochester, NY 14610   

We can’t wait to see and share what you love!