Big Ideas. Big Future. Big Me

This is a space for ideas. This is a space for action. This is a space for YOU.

You’ll find our blog highlights activities, ideas, actions, more interactive goods, and inspiring kids! We promise not to drone on. We promise to make it fun. We promise to make it BIG.

First order of FUN. We want to meet YOU.

With your parent or guardian’s permission & perhaps their help if you need, send us a self portrait (a picture of you) along with a brief explanation of what causes are important to you. They could be anything: the amount of plastic in the ocean, equality for women and girls, animal rights, carbon emissions, gun control, access to technology for all children, forest regeneration, organic farming, food access or hunger - anything! There is no right or wrong answer.

Email your picture & your causes to We’ll feature some of our favorites in the coming weeks on our social channels. Don’t have a camera? No problem! Draw a picture of yourself with the causes that are most important to you and mail to:

PO Box 10071
Rochester, NY 14610

We can’t wait to meet you and share what moves you!